Video + Track List | Q-Tip’s “Kamaal The Abstract” To See Release Soon

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The first single from the album is “Barely in Love”. It’s an uptempo song basically speaking about two people who ain’t got no business falling in love,” Tip said. “The power overtakes you, and you do it anyway. The other [single], ‘Even If It Is So,’ it’s a song about somebody I knew, or know. She was really smart and articulate. She danced. She was a stripper. She had a kid, and she was dating this dude. He was stepping out on her. A little shorty from around my way. I would always talk to her and give her words of encouragement. So I wrote the song about her. I produced both songs. Actually, I produced all the songs on the album.

1. Feelin’
2. Do U Dig U? (Feat. Gary Thomas & Kurt Rosenwinkel)
3. A Million Times
4. Blue Girl
5. Barely in Love
6. Heels
7. Abstractionisms (Feat. Kenny Garrett, a.k.a. Truth)
8. Caring
9. Even If It Is So
Bonus Tracks:
» Make It Work
» Damn You’re Cool


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