…And Today It All Makes Sense

Picture 2

A word from Bobby:
Throughout history there have been situations that have required the art of persuasion, very subtle word play, or the gift of gab if you will. There were some that reached such levels that they were able to convince an audience to sell a refrigerator in order to obtain a cube of ice. There have been many times throughout history where the art of persuasion was very necessary……..and this ain’t one of em!!! Do yourself a favor download The Day It All Made Sense right now!!!! Gone….

1. Intro
2. 2 Far Gone (Feat. Junior Varsity)
3. I Want It All
4. Miss Atlanta (Feat. Mykel)
5. Business Man
6. Everybody Loves Her
7. U Betta Know It
8. Spotlight (Feat. Stat Quo)
9. Testimony
10. The Day I Got Dropped

Bobby Creekwater – The Day It All Made Sense


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